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If you don't take the reins and steer the course of your life, who do you imagine will

PRIORITIZE YOURSELF! Are you a woman who reaches the end of the day feeling stressed, overwhelmed, having been constantly attending to the needs of others while being disconnected from yourself?

Often as women, we've received the example and/or the demand in our families or social environment that, as women, paying attention to ourselves or our own needs wasn't important, let alone, something relevant in our lives. Instead, satisfying, pleasing, or being attentive to the needs of others was what truly gave us value and what was expected of us.

Unfortunately, making others happy, whether it's your parents, your children, or your partners, is still more recognized than taking care of yourself and what makes you happy.

I'd like to accompany you during this 12-week program so that you can regain a sense of positive control over your life, understand and appreciate the need to establish clear and healthy boundaries in your relationships, create a map of "My Sacred Time" during which you nurture and care for yourself without excuses, and as a result, you start giving others in a healthy and balanced way that benefits everyone equally.

At the end of the program, you'll feel the freedom of knowing that EVERY day has a dedicated time for "YOU," those moments you honor yourself and invite others to honor. You can enjoy a coffee with a friend, have time to read your favorite novel, indulge in self-care (massage, a hot bath, meditation...), take nature walks...

Imagine how nourished and recharged you'd feel at the end of a fulfilling day where you spent time caring for and supporting others, while also including YOURSELF, allowing you to experience a balance that benefits everyone.


  • Gain greater self-assurance and emotional awareness to identify what you want to do and what you don't.
  • Restore the balance between what you give and receive in your relationships, allowing you to create connections that bring you peace and trust.
  • Recognize and value how much you have to offer and feel you receive of the love and respect you deserve.
  • Identify your unmet needs that long to be acknowledged and, by tending to them, make yourself happier, more self-assured, and energized to continue sharing with others.
  • Prioritize your non-negotiable needs, understanding the value they bring when satisfied and how to make space for them in your life, regardless of what's going on.
  • Include yourself as a priority in your life while still supporting others and be open to receiving their respect and affection.
  • Set clear, firm, and healthy boundaries for what overwhelms you, displeases you, or goes against your principles, in both personal and professional relationships, feeling good about yourself.
  • Begin to express your opinions, even if they differ from those of your family, partner, and friends, feeling to have something valid to share.
  • Incorporate easy and quick energy techniques into your daily routine to nurture and recharge your own battery.

Duration: 12 weeks

Format: Individual

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