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"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage." - Lao-Tzu


Loving another is a mutual building experience. Through respect, you will construct a life project together with shared goals. When we feel stuck in this partnership's project, when we've lost that closeness, when I no longer feel attracted to the other person or feel that I'm not attractive to him, when we're disappointed to see that our communication is no longer authentic... All of these are signals that we need help to regain the connection and continue to grow together.

Are you a woman in a committed relationship who has lost the spark and isn't sure how to get it back?

I suggest discovering and implementing the 7 CRUCIAL CHANGES needed to cultivate a renewed loving bond, where you can give and receive the love you desire, as well as passion, fun, and a DEEPLY SATISFYING CONNECTION with your partner.

You can participate in this program individually to make these 7 crucial changes and experience the incredible improvement it brings to your own well-being and, by extension, to coexistence and your relationship with your partner.


  • You will connect with your deepest needs and feelings, so you can prioritize and communicate them in a way that can be heard and respected by your partner, eliminating misunderstandings or communication breakdowns.
  • You will implement new and healthy ways to relate to your partner to experience greater trust and understanding in the relationship.
  • You will learn how to establish regular meaningful encounters that break you out of the routine to develop deep emotional intimacy.
  • You will explore ways to align in the same direction in life and values with each other to regain complicity.
  • You will discover how to share responsibility equitably to feel appreciated and valued for your contribution.
  • You will recognize your needs, prioritize them in your schedule, and allow them to provide greater resilience and well-being.
  • You will release incoherent past experiences that are closing your heart, so you can fully enjoy your PRESENT and your SEXUAL BOND.
  • You will approach disagreements as a tool for understanding and connection, increasing loving and effective communication.
  • You will trust in the possibility of overcoming the challenges that come your way.

Duration: 3 months

Format: Individual and group

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